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Green Paws


We are a group of volunteers gathered to protect abandoned animals and preserve the natural environment, therefore the “Green paws” organization was officially established on 9/4 2017 (registration number 28228945 Agencija za privredne registre). Agencija za privredne registre)



Due to the fact that in Serbia, according to the official information dating from 2019, the largest amount of municipal solid waste goes to landfills and only 3% is being recycled, we have decided to raise awareness about recycling locally and at the same time help abandoned animals.
Therefore, a large number of citizens take part in our recycling action “The GREEN SUPERHERO” and donate their waste regularly (PET, cans, glass, cardboard). A few cafes and restaurants have also joined this recycling action and they donate glass, as well.

Thanks to recycling all these raw materials, we manage to raise some money for buying food and paying for veterinary services for more than 100 animals we look after, which eat around 45kg of food daily.



Our care about abandoned animals has been recognized by some local bakeries, fast food stores and restaurants, which donate their leftovers. Reducing food waste in our local community is one more way how we have connected ecology and care for abandoned animals. According to unofficial data, more than 250.000 tons of food is being tossed in Serbia yearly, while the United Nations data indicate that 1.3 billion tons of food products in the world end up in the trash.



Recycling is not the only way we take care of nature. Every year we organize a clean-up of illegal dumping and riverbanks, and we plant a few hundred trees per year.


Besides these actions, we have street actions, as well as online auctions of books, jewelry, paintings and other donated items. The purpose of all the money raised from selling the donations is to buy food for the animals and cover the veterinary expenses. Of course, there are you, our dear donators,  who help us by donating money, food, cat or dog products, a collar, a leash, a toy, an animal house, or the material for it.