Starost: oko 4 godine

Spayed: Yes

About: this big girl had a hard life before we found her, she lived on a short leash for too long. 🙁
Beba loves petting but she is also a very good guardian dog. She is a Caucasian Shepherd Dog mix bread. She weights 50 kg, Beba is no question a serious dog that needs a serious owner. She needs an experienced owner. She loves being the center of your world and we are looking for her home accordingly, a home with a big yard where she can be fully physically challenged.
Mešanka je kavkaskog ovčara i teška je 50tak kila.
Beba je svakako dosta ozbiljan pas i nije za svakoga, isključivo je za ljude koji imaju iskustva sa velikim psima.
Takođe Beba voli da je u centru pažnje i udomljavamo je u dom bez drugih pasa ili da su odvojeni.
Potrebno joj je veliko dvorište i dosta fizičke aktivnosti.

Vaccines: Yes

We are searching for her forever home in Zrenjanin and surroundings.

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